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Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment

We proudly manufacture American-made firewood machines. We have a machine for all of your firewood needs, including heavy-duty log splitters, high-output firewood processors, offloading conveyors, and debris separators.

We design, engineer, fabricate, assemble, and test all of our firewood processing equipment in-house, as well as offer shipping across North America.

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Is It Worth Getting a Log Splitter?

In a word, yes. Timberwolf produces several different firewood splitter models, ranging from entry-level log splitters to heavy-duty log splitters. No matter your firewood needs, we have the best log splitter for you (if you want to stop splitting logs by hand).

All firewood splitters

Make Money Selling Firewood

Our line of Timberwolf firewood processors offer all the firewood processing tools you could ask for in one machine. Our models of log processors vary in features and price, but they all function at a high level, capable of taking on any firewood processing task.

Firewood Processors

Boost Your Cord per Hour Output

Timberwolf produces commercial firewood conveyors in 12', 16', 24', and 32' models to meet all of our customers' needs. New firewood entrepreneurs may lean towards the TWC-12, while commercial firewood operations will be better suited for the TWC-32. No matter your needs, we have the conveyor machine for you.

Firewood Conveyors

Alpha 6 | Heavy-Duty Log Splitter

The Alpha 6 wood splitter is able to plow through large blocks with quick cycle times. The heavy-duty firewood splitter can be equipped with a box wedge for minimal operator interference and safe firewood processing, while still being able to produce uniformly sized firewood.

Alpha 6

Pro-HD | Process Long Logs Quickly

The Pro-HD firewood processor is powered by a 56 HP diesel engine and can process logs as long as 24’. The commercial firewood processor is tow-friendly, so operators can move the Pro-HD wood processor to the site, essential for making money selling firewood.


TWC-32 | Large-Scale Productivity Booster

Our largest firewood conveyor, the TWC-32 is 32' long and weighs 2,040 pounds for maximum stability. This conveyor machine is essential for large projects when the processor's integrated conveyor just isn't cutting it.