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Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment is proudly engineered, manufactured, and built in America. From our lines of residential and commercial log splitters to our affordable and industrial series of firewood processors and production-boosting hydraulic conveyors, Timberwolf machines are rugged, reliable, efficient, and overbuilt to last for generations.

As the ultimate in firewood processing equipment, we are sure to have a wood splitting machine to bring your firewood production to the next level, whether you are splitting wood for your household or a professional operating a large-scale firewood business.

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Find Timberwolf Firewood Machines Near You

Timberwolf is growing and expanding into your area via our Certified Dealer Network.

If the machine you are interested in isn’t readily available, you will have the option to order the machine to the dealer closest to you and pick it up there.

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Heavy-Duty Firewood Processor for processing long logs quickly

Firewood Processors Made in the USA

Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment, a subsidiary of Automated Biomass Systems, proudly manufactures American-made firewood machines and forestry equipment.

We have a machine for all of your commercial firewood needs, including heavy-duty log splitters, commercial firewood processors, offloading conveyors, and debris separators.

We design, engineer, fabricate, assemble, and test all of our firewood processing equipment in-house and offer shipping across North America.

3-strand Commercial Firewood Processor with diesel engine

Make Money Selling Firewood

Timberwolf's Pro-HD Series firewood processors cater to professional needs.

This series includes the Pro-HD and Pro-HD XL models, both of which have a 25-foot-long frame, an 8-foot-long live deck with a hydraulic lift, and an optional integrated conveyor that stretches to 12'. However, each model has distinct features.

The Pro-HD log processor has a 56 HP Hatz diesel engine and a hydraulic tank with a capacity of 70 gallons, which ensures filtered and cool hydraulic fluid.

The Pro-HD model has a manual autocycle, while the Pro-HD XL model has an electric autocycle.

The Pro-HD XL commercial firewood processor is powered by a 74 HP Hatz diesel engine that boasts cycle times as low as 3 seconds in combination with the 3-stage Permco gear pump found on all Pro-HD Series log processors.

These wood processors are designed specifically for professionals who require high-quality and efficient firewood production.


Pro-HD XL | Process Long Logs Quickly

The Pro-HD XL firewood processor is driven by a 74 HP Hatz diesel engine that operates a 3-stage Permco gear pump.

This pump regulates the splitter, saw, and auxiliary functions of the firewood cutter and splitter. The splitter receives 33 GPM, the saw 18 GPM, and the auxiliary functions (such as the live deck and optional integrated conveyor) receive 14 GPM.

If the 4" cylinder option is utilized, the commercial firewood processor can complete a cycle in 3 seconds due to its 2:1 cylinder ratio and regen valve, which streamlines the process of extending the rod from the cylinder and making contact with the workpiece.

The Pro-HD XL wood processor can process logs up to 32' long, despite having a 16' trough length, thanks to its driven top roll clamping system and back roller.

A 3-stand live deck is included with the log processor and can be stored upright using hydraulic lift assistance and stow bar. A 5-stand live deck and/or a 12' integrated conveyor is optional.


Pro-MP | The Best Firewood Processor for the Money

The Pro-MP is a portable firewood processor that shares the features of its older brother, the Pro-HD, like the driven top roll clamping system and back roller.

This 22 HP affordable firewood processor can be easily towed by a half-ton truck, making any operation possible, no matter the size of the project.

Starting at only $39,995.95, the mid-sized firewood processor has the functions and frame construction of a $100,000 commercial processor for less than half of the price.

Fastest Commercial Log Splitter with a box wedge

Is It Worth Getting a Log Splitter?

Yes - if you want to stop splitting wood with an axe.

The Alpha 6 commercial log splitter is highly sought after by firewood specialists throughout North America because of its overbuilt quality, short cycle times, powerful splitting force, and innovative Box Wedge.

We have firewood splitters that cater to every need, whether it's a small wood splitter for residential purposes or an industrial-grade firewood splitter for a wood processing business.

Transportable Commercial wood splitter with dual jacks

Alpha 6 | Heavy-Duty Log Splitter

The Alpha 6 log splitter is powered by a 20 HP engine that powers its hydraulic functions, including the log lift capable of handling 500-pound logs, the wedge lift with 8" of vertical travel, and the hydraulic cylinder.

While other commercial log splitters may deliver similar splitting forces, what sets the Alpha 6 apart is its Box Wedge with a floating auto-retract arm.

The Box Wedge creates even-sized wood, while the floating arm pulls the unsplit part of the log back into the chamber. This makes it easy for operators to work on blocks of wood without the concern of varying log sizes or re-handling logs.

Additionally, the Box Wedge comes in three different sizes.

Timberwolf Firewood Conveyors

Boost Your Cord per Hour Output

A dependable and user-friendly firewood conveyor is essential for every firewood-selling business, as it increases productivity, simplifies transportation, and reduces physical strain.

Timberwolf offers four different models of wood conveyors, namely the TWC-12, TWC-16, TWC-24, and TWC-32, which vary in length from 12' to 32'.

All Timberwolf wood conveyors feature self-adjusting tapered rollers to ensure correct belt tracking, a hydraulic lift cylinder for height adjustments, and a ground skid for secure stability on flat surfaces.

Improve and streamline your firewood production with a TWC Series firewood conveyor.

32 ft Wood Conveyor

TWC-32 | Large-Scale Productivity Booster

To adjust the height of the 32-foot-long firewood conveyor, the hydraulic lift cylinder can be controlled by removing the pull pins and utilizing the tandem center spool valve. Once the desired height is achieved, the pull pins should be re-inserted.

The telescopic axle arms move along with the lift cylinder for added stability, but the pull pins must be removed during height adjustments and re-inserted when finished.

Additionally, the ground skid located beneath the hopper stabilizes the firewood conveyor by maintaining solid ground contact and lifting the roller off the ground.

A rubber belt fines deflector positioned above the ground skid filters debris and prevents it from falling into the roller.

Because of the wood conveyor’s tapered rollers design, the belt will pull itself back towards the center if misaligned, even if the conveyor is on uneven ground.

Optionally, 36” long Grizzly Bars can be added to the TWC-32 wood conveyor. This optional add-on bolts onto the end of the conveyor and cleans out fine material from your firewood before it is offloaded.

An optional manual or driven oscillating axle can be equipped to the TWC-32, as well as the TWC-24.

Large Commercial Log Splitter with diesel engine

TW-10 | Large Commercial Log Splitter

The TW-10 large log splitter is designed to split logs as long as 12' and up to 5' in diameter, into quarters, so they can be fed into a wood chipper or firewood processor.

This remote control operated firewood machine is best suited for on-site logging outfits that move large quantities of wood during the day.

The TW-10 commercial log splitter's 8" cylinder allows the push block to split with 184,000 pounds of splitting force, more than enough to split extra large and gnarly logs.

To ensure the capability of all-day production, the large log splitter is equipped with a 110-gallon hydraulic tank, so the TW-10 can maintain cool and filtered fluid for as long as you need it to.

The TW-10 has a 20-gallon fuel tank and uses 2-2.5 gallons of fuel per hour, which allows operators to run the diesel log splitter for 8-10 hours without breaks in production.

Once the large log splitter is turned on, operators can control the push block with a remote control.

Firewood Tumbler with hex discs

AutoFine | Disc Screener

The AutoFine is an important addition to any firewood processing operation, as it features a unique design that complements other Timberwolf products, including firewood processors and conveyors. It is equipped with a built-in auxiliary port that allows it to connect with all firewood processors on the market.

Weighing 1,690 pounds and measuring 4’ by 10’, the AutoFine is a heavy-duty disc screener designed for stationary use. It can be situated at the end of a firewood conveyor or processor, or operate as a stand-alone machine, with raw materials fed onto the disc screener manually.

Constructed from 3/16” steel, the AutoFine's hex discs are spaced to remove unwanted debris and other material. It has eight rows, and the screen deck revolves around a metal rod, resulting in the logs' vibration and rotation, which causes kindling and fines to detach from the split wood.

To ensure the smooth running of the firewood cleaner, the disc screener is powered by a 4.9 HP engine within the Power Pack.


Our Customers

Timberwolf has proud customers across North America. Some have multiple firewood processors and others just have a TW-2. It doesn't matter to us; we are happy and ready to serve any and all who purchase Timberwolf products.

As a thank you, we often repost customer content we find across social media channels. We even curated a customer content page on our website.

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