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The TW-10 large log splitter is designed to split logs as long as 12 feet and up to 5 feet in diameter, into quarters, so they can be fed into a wood chipper or firewood processor. This remote control operated firewood machine is best suited for on-site logging outfits that move a large volume of wood throughout the day. Depending on the log diameter, this machine can also produce fence posts.

74 HP Diesel Engine

The TW-10 large log splitter is powered by a Hatz Diesel engine for max power and efficiency. The oversized wood splitter can slice through monster logs with little fuel usage. You won't find another large log splitter on the market more power efficient than this beast.

Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment TW-10 Log Splitter 8" Cylinder

8" Cylinder Hydraulic Power

The TW-10 commercial log splitter's 8" cylinder allows the push block to split with 150,000 pounds of splitting force, more than enough to split extra large and gnarly logs. The cyclinder is capable of cycling every 54 seconds and uses an autocycle.

Bring the Job Site to You

The TW-10 monster log splitter is fully transportable, with a ball coupler, safety chains, and a braking system for road travel, so you can bring the wood splitter to the enormous logs, not the other way around.

The ball coupler alone can handle up to 20,000 pounds, which is more than enough for this 13,640-pound commercial log splitter.

A Frame Built to Handle Everything

For a log splitter made to split logs that can't be processed, we had to make everything bigger and better, including the firewood machine's frame.

The TW-10's splitting chamber is 12" deep so the splitter can handle logs wide as 5' in diameter. 3/4" plate steel log cradles secure forward moving logs as the push block drives them along two 1" plates that run through the center of the splitting chamber, with an additional 1" plate on the top and bottom for maximum durability.

The 8" cylinder and engine functions are supported by a 2x5 3/16" wall frame.

Oh, and this all rests on dual 7,000 pound axles.

Making Room For Power

To produce the power needed to split 12' long by 5' wide logs, the TW-10's 8" cylinder heats up 30 gallons of hydraulic fluid with a single stroke, which results in 150,000 pounds of splitting force.

So, to ensure the capability of all-day production, the large log splitter is equipped with a 110-gallon hydraulic tank, so the TW-10 can maintain cool and filtered fluid for as long as you need it to.

The TW-10 has a 20-gallon fuel tank and uses 2-2.5 gallons of fuel per hour, which allows operators to run the diesel log splitter for 8-10 hours without breaks in production.

  • Engine Power (HP) 74
    Pump Flow (GPM) 33
    Stroke (ft) 8
    Cylinder Bore (in) 8
    Splitting Force (lbs) 150,000
    Cycle Time (sec) 54
    Weight (lbs) 13,640
  • Monster Frame

    • 3" thick steel frame
    • 30' long frame
    • 91" frame width
    • Dual 7,000 pound axles
  • Tow-Friendly

    • Equipped with a ball coupler
    • Ball coupler can handle up to 20,000 pounds
    • Equipped with full braking system
  • Remote Control Operated

    • Operate the splitter from a safe and comfortable distance
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