TW-10 RC

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Base Model TW10 RC
Engine Power (HP) 74
Pump Flow (GPM) 33
Splitting Force (ton) 75
Cycle Time (Sec) 54
Stroke (in.) 8"
Cylinder Bore (in.) 8"

Product Description

This full tree splitter is designed to breakdown logs up to 60" in diameter, into quarters, so they can be fed into a wood chipper or a firewood processor. Turn your waste into profit with this durable machine.

Standard Features

8 in Cylinder
  • Provides 75 tons of splitting force
  • 8 foot stroke
Monster Frame
  • Dual 7,000 lb axles
  • 3" thick frame makes for years of reliable use
Hatz Diesel
  • 74 horsepower
  • Capable of cycling the cylinder every 54 seconds
Remote Control
  • Provides the ability to operate the splitter from the comfort of a cab truck