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Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment



Disc Screener

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Power Pack
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  • The AutoFine is an essential addition to your firewood processing setup. This handy firewood machine pairs with other Timberwolf products such as firewood processors and conveyors, and has an integrated auxiliary port to connect with any firewood processor available on the market.

  • Measuring 4’ by 10’ and weighing 1,690 pounds, the AutoFine is a heavy-duty disc screener meant for stationary use. It can be situated at the end of a firewood conveyor or processor, or used as a stand-alone machine, with raw materials loaded onto the disc screener manually.

  • The hex discs in the AutoFine are made from 3/16” steel and cleverly spaced for the removal of debris and other unwanted material. Consisting of eight rows, the screen deck rotates around a metal rod causing the logs to vibrate and spin, resulting in the detachment of kindling and fines from the split wood.

  • To ensure seamless operation of the firewood cleaner, the disc screener is powered by a 4.9 HP engine within the Power Pack. This is a vital feature for large firewood processing operations that require maximum efficiency with no downtime. The Power Pack can be positioned independently from the AutoFine, allowing for a safe distance between you and the working area. Moreover, the fuel-efficient engine is designed to be quiet, preventing noise disturbances to neighbors.

  • For easier loading of materials onto the screening deck, an optional hopper can be installed onto the AutoFine. This hopper serves as a funnel and can facilitate the loading of materials via a wood conveyor or bucket. Additionally, the hopper can be easily removed by unbolting it.

  • The optional chute ensures a gentle transition from the disc screener to a firewood conveyor, thereby streamlining your firewood processing operations.

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Firewood Log Cleaner

Offload Clean Firewood

With dimensions of 4’ by 10’ and a weight of 1,690 pounds, this sturdy disc screener can be placed in your firewood operation line-up or can stand alone, for post-drying and pre-delivery firewood screening.

Firewood Tumbler

Hex Discs

The hex discs that make the AutoFine disc screener so effective are made from 3/16” steel and intentionally spaced to allow debris and unwanted materials to fall through. Eight rows of hex discs make up the screen deck, each row spinning about a rod, which makes logs spin and shake when placed on the machine, causing fines and kindling to detach from the split wood.

Add On to Your Log Cleaner

Though the AutoFine's frame is built to couple with other Timberwolf machines, like TWC conveyors, a hopper (shown here) can be added to better funnel firewood onto the disc screener.

The benefit of the AutoFine versus a firewood tumbler is that the AutoFine keeps the logs moving forward, so they can be offloaded into a truck bed or wire basket without any breaks in production.

To better handle the transition of logs being offloaded from the wood cleaner, a chute can be added to the end of the AutoFine. A chain bar comes with the chute and bolts onto the disc screener to further slow down logs being offloaded.

Keep Your Power Safe

Timberwolf's disc screener can connect to any processor on the market, but for those without a firewood processor, the AutoFine can run off a Power Pack (shown here).

The Power Pack consists of a 4.9 HP Honda engine, fuel tank, and Zinga filter. It connects to the AutoFine via two Continental hoses.

With wheels and handles, the Power Pack is easy to move, so you can keep it at a safe distance from the AutoFine while in operation.

  • Hopper

    • Acts as a funnel for raw materials being loaded onto the screen deck
    • Essential when loading the disc screener with a bucket, also a great addition to a firewood conveyor
    • Quick bolt-on, so removing it is as simple as installing it
  • Power Pack

    • Essential for large firewood processing operations
    • Can be moved independently from the AutoFine, so it can be placed a safe distance away from your work area
    • The fuel efficent engine is also exceptionally quiet
  • Chute

    • Quick bolt-on chain bar & separate chute
    • Slows the descent of traveling firewood
    • Allows for a smooth transition to conveyor, pickup, or whatever your next step is in production
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