Log Splitter vs. Axe

With overbuilt frames, several firewood wedge options, and optional add-ons like a table grate or log lift, the decision is simple. Ditch the axe and switch to a Timberwolf log splitter.

Splitting firewood by hand is good if you are looking for exercise, but outputting a cord per hour with just the pull of a lever is what you need to get your projects finished. With models like the TW-2 and TW-3, owners can obtain commercial-grade functions at a box store price.

Timberwolf offers the best log splitters for both weekend warriors and business owners.

Best Small Log Splitter with manual log lift

Small Log Splitters, Big Results

Our small log splitters include the TW-2, TW-3, TW-3 HD, and TW-5 HD. Designed to be simple and reliable, the TW-2 gas log splitter and TW-3 PTO log splitter are the perfect machines for the new firewood entrepreneur or around-the-house weekend warrior.

Timberwolf's HD Series wood splitters have an ergonomic design for all-day splitting, with the 36" tall operator's platform situated comfortably at the operator's waist.

Ergonomic log splitter

PTO Log Splitter vs. Gas

Timberwolf currently manufactures two PTO log splitters, the TW-3 and TW-3 HD. Both PTO wood splitters require a minimum of 32 HP and are meant to be hooked up to a tractor or skid steer.

The advantage of a PTO log splitter is that it uses the power of the tractor's hydraulics (or whatever the 3-point log splitter is connected to) in order to improve efficiency and performance.

Small Log Splitter Wedge Options

The TW-2 and TW-3 home log splitters come standard with a 2-Way Wedge that uses our innovative Step Wedge to handle large logs. An optional 4-Way Wedge (shown here) can be equipped to the TW-2 and TW-3 without any nuts and bolts, simply slide the wedge over the 2-Way Wedge.

When slid on in one direction the 4-Way Wedge will produce 4" material, but will produce 6" material when placed in the other direction.

The TW-3 HD and TW-5 HD come standard with a 4-Way splitting wedge, but a 2-Way or 6-Way Wedge can be equipped instead of the standard 4-Way. All applicable HD Series splitting wedges fit the wedge lift that comes standard with the firewood machines.

What Log Splitter Should I Buy?

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