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What Log Splitter Should I Buy?

A commercial log splitter for producing cord-sized wood? A big wood splitter for creating processible logs? Timberwolf has the best log splitter for you.

All Timberwolf log splitters are overbuilt - from the frame to the hydraulics - for years of use without any drops in firewood production.

Request a quote today and find out for yourself.

American-made Firewood Splitter

Log Splitters for Sale

Timberwolf designs, engineers, fabricates, and produces several heavy-duty log splitters, ranging from our top-of-the-line industrial log splitter, the Alpha 6, to the TW-10, our large log splitter made to produce manageable wood for a log processing machine.

Our Alpha Series box wedge wood splitters are our top-of-the-line commercial log splitters, recommended by firewood professionals across North America.

Whether it be a small log splitter for around the house or a commercial box wedge log splitter for the job site, we have what you need.

High Cord-Output Firewood Splitter

Fastest Commercial Log Splitter

The Alpha 6 heavy-duty log splitter comes standard with a hydraulic wedge lift and hydraulic log lift capable of loading 500-pound blocks.

Offering cycle times low as 5 seconds and as much as 58,905 pounds of splitting force, Alpha Series log splitters are certainly fast, but our Box Wedge makes our commercial log splitters the fastest way to split firewood.

Available in 3 different sizes, our Box Wedge consistently produces uniformly-sized logs. A floating auto-retract arm comes with our Box Wedge. The auto-retract arm pulls back the unsplit portion of the log onto the splitting chamber without any operator interference.

Coupled with a hydraulic log and wedge lift, Timberwolf's box wedge log splitters are sure to produce big results.


Large Commercial Log Splitter

The TW-10 large log splitter is designed for splitting logs up to 12’ long and 5’ in diameter into quarters for easy processing using a wood chipper or firewood processor. The firewood splitter processor is ideal for on-site logging operations that handle oversized logs regularly. 

With its powerful 8" cylinder providing 184,000 pounds of splitting force, this commercial log splitter can handle even the toughest logs. Equipped with a 110-gallon hydraulic tank, the TW-10 can run all day without overheating. With a 20-gallon fuel tank and efficient fuel consumption, operators can run the remote control operated firewood machine for 8-10 hours straight. Controlled by a remote, the TW-10 makes log splitting a breeze. 

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