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Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment

Alpha 6

Alpha 6

Log Splitter. photos Show box wedge option.

Machine & Price Include Table Grate & 4-Way Wedge

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The Alpha 6 log splitter is equipped with a 20 HP engine that powers the firewood machine's hydraulic functions, like the log lift, capable of loading 500-pound logs, wedge lift with 8” of vertical travel, and hydraulic cylinder. The 20 HP engine, the heart of the log splitter's performance, offers excellent fuel economy and allows the operator to work for extended periods without unnecessary production stoppages.

The Alpha 6 can be equipped with a 4” or 5” cylinder. The 4” cylinder will better handle smaller logs with quick cycle times, while the 5” cylinder has the power to split gnarly blocks with 58,875 pounds of splitting force. These quick cycle times are the result of the Alpha 6's 20 HP engine in combination with the regen valve equipped to the firewood machine's hydraulics. The regen valve allows the rod to extend from the cylinder more rapidly without requiring a greater pump flow.

While other commercial log splitters may offer similar splitting forces, it’s the Alpha 6’s Box Wedge with floating auto-retract arm that sets this log splitter apart from the competition.

The Box Wedge creates evenly sized wood and the floating auto-retract arm pulls back the unsplit portion of the log back into the splitting chamber. This allows operators to burn through blocks without re-handling logs or worrying about varying log sizes.

Plus, the Box Wedge is available in three different sizes, so operators can change the size of the wood they are outputting. For example, an operator can use the 2.5” Box Wedge to produce cooking wood, then use the 4.5” Box Wedge to produce cord-sized wood.

The commercial log splitter features a hydraulic log lift and wedge lift. The log lift can handle 500-pound logs, plus it can be installed on either side of the splitter, to fit the needs of each project.

The wedge lift raises and lowers the wedge with 8” of vertical range, so users can center the wedge to different-sized logs without any manual effort (aka “wasted time”).

The Alpha 6 wasn’t made with only splitting in mind. Features like the 40” wide by 36” long table grate consider the next step of your firewood production, because we know the job isn’t over after the log is split. The table grate acts as a funnel, which contains split logs and readies them to move onto a wood conveyor.

Safe Commercial Log Splitter

Box Wedge With Floating Auto-Retract Arm

The Box Wedge option features our innovative auto-retract arm. This arm pulls unsplit logs back onto the splitting chamber, minimizing operator block re-handling. With 3 size options, this unique wedge style is designed to produce uniform-sized firewood. Sell the perfect sized cord wood, packaged firewood, camp, and cooking wood with this commercial log splitter.

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Firewood Log Splitter with table grate and log lift

Table Grate

A 40” wide by 36” long table grate, constructed from heavy gauge pipe and High Steel plate steel, comes standard with the Alpha 6 commercial log splitter. Not only does the table grate separate unwanted debris from split logs, but it also acts as a funnel, perfect for operations that use a conveyor as the next step in firewood production.

Hydraulic Commercial Wood Splitter

Hydraulic Wedge Lift

With 8” of vertical travel, the operator-controlled wedge lift allows for height adjustments, so you can continuously split logs of varying sizes without having to manually adjust the wedge height or change out the wedge altogether.

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Plate Steel Log Lift Log Splitter

Load Large Blocks Without the Sweat

This plate steel constructed hydraulic log lift can handle logs up to 500 pounds with just the flick of a lever. Plus, the commercial log lift can be installed on either side of the Alpha 6 wood splitter to match the operator's preference and/or the needs of specific projects.

If you can load it, the Alpha 6 will split it.

Dual Jack Log Splitter

Dual Jack Stability

With a 12' long plate steel frame weighing 2,550 pounds, the Alpha 6 commercial log splitter is built to take on any firewood splitting task for years on end. So, we didn't skimp when providing rigid stability for the large wood splitter.

With dual jacks, this heavy log splitter isn't going anywhere. Just set up, split, keep splitting, and watch the revenue come in.

Hydraulic Powered Log Splitter

4" Cylinder vs. 5" Cylinder

Timberwolf's Alpha Series commercial log splitters can be equipped with a 4" or 5" hydraulic cylinder.

The 4" cylinder has a 3" rod and 26" stroke with a 5-second cycle time and 37,680 pounds of splitting force, while the 5" cylinder has a 4.5" rod and 26" stroke with a 7-second cycle time and 58,875 lbs. of splitting force. Both have a 28 GPM pump flow driven by the 20 HP engine.

If you plan on splitting large blocks and can afford a slightly longer cycle time, the 5" cylinder is for you. If you want to maximize your cord output and work with smaller logs, the 4" cylinder is a solid choice for your firewood processing operation.

Commercial log splitter with regeneration valve hydraulics

Quick Cycle Time = Higher Cord per Hour Output

If you split wood more quickly, you will be able to split more wood over the course of time. This is basic math, but how do you split wood more quickly?

Well, a regeneration valve is one way.

Now standardly equipped on Alpha log splitters, the regen valve drives a regeneration cycle that allows the rod to extend from the cylinder more rapidly while using the same pump flow.

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  • Engine Power (HP) 20
    Pump Flow (GPM) 28
    Stroke (in) 26
    Cylinder Bore (in) 4 or 5
    Splitting Force (lbs) 37,680/58,875
    Cycle Time (sec) 5/7
    Average Output (Cord/Hr) 2
    Weight (lbs) 2,550
  • Box Wedge Options

    Choose 4.5", 3.5", or 2.5"

    Designed to produce uniformly sized firewood, perfect for selling:

    • Cord wood
    • Packaged firewood
    • Camp and cooking wood
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  • Hydraulic Log Lift

    • Handle blocks up to 500 pounds
    • Heavy-duty, constructed out of plate steel
    • Install on either side of the log splitter
  • Power

    • Two Cylinder Options

    4” bore, 3” rod, 26” stroke

    5” bore, 4.5” rod, 26” stroke

    • Cycle time: 5/7 seconds
    • Splitting force: 37,680/58,875 pounds
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