Check our the great things our customers are accomplishing with their Timberwolf machines!

Regan Earthworks

Regan Earthworks is owned and operated by Nick Regan, a 10-year union piledriver and construction foreman. Nick uses an Alpha 6 with a 5” cylinder to bust large logs using the Alpha’s Box Wedge.

Barnett's Firewood

Barnett’s Firewood delivers premium firewood in Blairsville, GA. A 2-person operation, Barnett’s Firewood uses an Alpha 6 with a 5” cylinder, a rough top TWC-24 conveyor, and a few additional units of heavy equipment to output full cord and three cord orders for their customers.

Darrick's Firewood and Tree Service

Darrick’s Firewood and Tree Service is owned and operated by Dario Rouse. Located in Troy, AL, Darrick’s Firewood uses an Alpha 6 with a 5” cylinder to handle large logs and a rough top TWC-16 conveyor to streamline firewood processing operations.

Luxury Logs

Luxury Logs is a firewood and millwork service operating out of Dagsboro, DE. Owner Kevin Coviello started the company only a short time ago, but has found quick success in the local market. Luxury Logs currently uses an Alpha 6 with a 5” cylinder and a TWC-12 paddle belt conveyor to output and sell premium firewood.

Red Wolf Firewood, LLC

Red Wolf Firewood operates out of Montville, New Jersey, delivering premium firewood to its customers. They use an Alpha 6 with a 5” cylinder for their operation, which allows them to handle monster blocks consistently, from the winter to the summer. With just an Alpha 6 and some additional manpower, this firewood business continues to prove itself. Contact Stephen Olsson at 973-567-8352 if you are in the Montville, NJ area.

Tree Master Tree Service

Tree Master Tree Service is a large-scale operation that offers tree removal and firewood services in the Memphis, Tennessee area. They use a Pro-HD XL, an Alpha 6, an AutoFine, and multiple TWC conveyors to streamline their firewood processing operation.

ArborCare Tree Service

ArborCare Tree Service provides various tree services in the Boone, North Carolina area. Currently, they are using an Alpha 6 for their firewood splitting needs, and have been a loyal Timberwolf customer for 24 years and counting.

Patriot Firewood Company

Patriot Firewood Company is a wood yard in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Currently in their lineup is an Alpha 6, TWC-32, and AutoFine. As a result, Patriot Firewood Company outputs around 600 cords each year. A portion of Patriot Firewood Company’s funds goes to Bridges for the Fallen, a nonprofit organization that works to honor fallen heroes and their families. Check it out: BridgesForTheFallen.com.