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Featured Product: Alpha 6 Log Splitter

16 HP commercial box wedge log splitter

Heavy-Duty Log Splitters

Timberwolf's Alpha Series log splitters come standard with a hydraulic wedge lift, log lift, and table grate. Any of our firewood splitting wedges can be equipped to the Alpha Series, but Timberwolf's Box Wedges can only be used on Alpha Series splitters.

Box Wedge Log Splitter Options

A Box Wedge with a floating auto-retract arm can only be equipped to our Alpha series commercial log splitters. We offer three different Box Wedge sizes: 2.5", 3.5", and 4.5".

The 2.5" Box Wedge outputs smaller pieces, perfect for camping and cooking wood, while the 3.5" Box Wedge produces slightly larger pieces, perfect if you plan on selling packaged firewood. The 4.5" Box Wedge splits logs into cord-sized firewood, essential for commercial firewood operations.

Timberwolf Commercial Log Splitters

How to Make Money Selling Firewood

Step one: Upgrade your equipment.

If your profits are flattening out, it may be time to up your production and quality. Luckily, the Alpha 5 and Alpha 6 heavy-duty log splitters are here to help.

Both commercial wood splitters are capable of producing at least 2 cords per hour, with cycle times as low as 5 seconds - depending on the cylinder option.

Plus, a Timberwolf Box Wedge can be equipped, which can produce cooking wood, packaged firewood, or cord-sized wood, depending on the Box Wedge size.

The Log Splitter for Professionals

Because of its power, speed, hydraulic functions, and ease of operation, the Alpha 6 has proven itself as a premier commercial log splitter in the firewood industry.

Don't just take our word for it, click the button below to see how and why respectable firewood businesses use the Alpha 6 log splitter.