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Alpha 5

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The Alpha 5 log splitter is our 16 HP Alpha model. It has a large frame capable of splitting monster logs, as well as a comfortable operator's height for all-day commercial log splitting, with an average output of 1.5 full cords of wood per hour.

Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment Alpha 5 Log Splitter Box Wedge and Floating Auto-retract Arm

Box Wedge With Floating Auto-Retract Arm

The box wedge features our innovative auto-retract arm. This arm pulls unsplit logs back onto the splitting chamber, minimizing operator block re-handling. With 3 size options, this unique firewood wedge is designed to produce uniform-sized firewood, perfect for selling: cord-sized wood, packaged firewood, and cooking wood.

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Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment Alpha 5 Log Splitter Table Grate

Table Grate

A 40” wide by 36” long table grate, constructed from heavy gauge pipe and High Steel plate steel, comes standard with the Alpha 5 log splitter. Not only does the table grate separate unwanted debris from split logs, but it also acts as a funnel, perfect for operations that use a wood conveyor as the next step in firewood production.

Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment Alpha 5 Log Splitter Hydraulic Log Lift

Hydraulic Log Lift

Operators will save their backs and increase their profits with the hydraulic log lift, capable of handling blocks as heavy as 500 pounds. The heavy-duty log lift, constructed out of plate steel, can be installed on either side of this commercial log splitter to match the operator's preference.

Quick Wedge Adjustments

A standard feature on our Alpha Series commercial log splitters, the hydraulic wedge lift controls the height of the log splitting wedge with 8" of vertical range.

Controlled via the operator's panel, the wedge lift allows users to center their wedge to various log sizes without detrimental breaks in log splitting.

The Stability Needed to Split Large Logs

The Alpha 5 commercial log splitter is equipped with the hydraulic power to split monster blocks and an overbuilt frame to handle large logs throughout the day.

The Alpha Series wood splitters have dual jacks for maximum stability, even when on rough terrain, because we know you can't bring the job site to you.

Combined with the Alpha 5 wood splitter's 2,300 pound frame, this firewood machine is as sturdy as any commercial wood splitter on the market.

4" Cylinder vs. 5" Cylinder

Timberwolf's Alpha Series log splitters can be equipped with a 4" or 5" hydraulic cylinder.

The 4" cylinder has a 3" rod and 26" stroke with an 8 second cycle time and 37,680 pounds of splitting force, while the 5" cylinder has a 4.5" rod and 26" stroke with a 10 second cycle time and 58,875 pounds of splitting force. Both have a 22 GPM pump flow driven by the 16 HP engine.

If you plan on splitting large blocks and can afford a slightly longer cycle time, the 5" cylinder is for you. If you want to maximize your cord output and work with smaller logs, the 4" cylinder is a solid choice for your firewood processing operation.

  • Engine Power (HP) 16
    Pump Flow (GPM) 22
    Stroke (in) 26
    Cylinder Bore (in) 4 or 5
    Splitting Force (lbs) 37,680/58,875
    Cycle Time (sec) 8/10
    Average Output (Cord/Hr) 1.5
    Weight (lbs) 2,300
  • Innovative Wedge Features

    • 4-Way Wedge comes standard
    • Hydraulic wedge lift with 8" of vertical range
    • Add on a 4.5", 3.5", or 2.5" box wedge, for uniform cuts
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  • Dual Jacks

    • Equipped with a jack on either side of the machine
    • Provides maximum stability on the roughest of terrains
  • Power

    • Two Cylinder Options:

    4” bore, 3” rod, 26” stroke

    5” bore, 4.5” rod, 26” stroke

    • 22 GPM pump flow
    • Cycle time: 8/10 seconds
    • Splitting force: 37,680/58,875 pounds
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