We Are Timberwolf

A fully integrated manufacturer of a variety of firewood processing equipment, we perform every aspect of the equipment build, from engineering CAD designs to field testing & shipping.

We are expanding our production operations again!

In our second major investment in just 2 years, we’ve totaled over 70,000 square feet and more than doubled our workforce. Last year we entered the Syracuse area and we're are adding a second location just outside the city, while maintaining our headquarters in Marathon, NY.   

Innovative Technology

We pride ourselves in our original and progressive machine designs. We engineer and machine every steel component that goes into the build, sprockets, gear pump valves, cylinders and more. 

Superior Strength

Our equipment is engineered and built to stand up the wear and tear of the industry. We intentionally overbuild our machines so that our customers can rely on years of trouble-free service, from this generation to the next.

Home & Commercial Designs

Whether our customers are using a single machine or working with a customized integrated system, Timberwolf Equipment is the Pro's Choice for homeowners, loggers and full-time firewood business operations.

Certified Dealer Network

We have an extensive dealer network across the country who stock and service Timberwolf Equipment. We are happy to chat about your interest in integrating our products into your business operations. No matter what you need or where you are, we've got you covered.

We use simple, unique design changes to bring our customer’s productivity to unimaginable levels" — Matthieu Timmins
Man working Timberwolf Machine Steel parts with Timberwolf logo cut out





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