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Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment



log splitter

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Wedge Options
Table Grate
Manual Log Lift
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Specs TW-2
Engine Power (HP) 8.5
Pump Flow (GPM) 16
Average Output Cord/hr 1
Cylinder Bore (in.) 4"
Cycle Time (Sec.) 9
Split Force (ton) 20
Stroke (in.) 24"

Standard Features

  • I-Beam frame construction
  • Boxed ends for torsional rigidity
Innovative Step Wedge
  • 12” tall
  • 1” thick machined material
  • “Step” on the bottom allows for the wood to cracked prior to full engagement
  • Capable of accepting our 4-Way Wedge with without tools, simply slide over
Honda GX-270

Optional Features

Manual Log Lift
  • Clears out debris if when splitting
  • Capable of lifting up to 250 lbs, this log lift allows the operator to lift large pieces of wood into the splitting chamber with less effort into a truck or a conveyor
  • Operates via the principle of leverage, easy to install and built to last a lifetime
6_Way Wedge
  • Slides over step wedge can produce 4” material or be flipped over to produce 6” materials
  • Great to reduce the number of cycles required to split a load
  • AR400 construction with machined edges

Table Grate
  • Slides into the end of the I-Beam for ease of use
  • Provides a catch pan for oversized pieces needing to be re-split
  • Clears out debris when splitting into a truck or a conveyor