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Base Model TW5-HD
Engine Power (HP) 16
Pump Flow (GPM) 22
Stroke (in.) 26
Cylinder Bore (in.) 4" or 5"
Cycle Time (Sec.) 8 or 10
Splitting Force (ton) 19 or 29
Average Output Cord/Hr 1.5 

Product Description

The HD-Series of log splitter features quick cycle times, heavy duty robust construction and plenty of height for easy all day operation. Each HD splitter comes standard with a log lift, wedge lift and a 4" cylinder. You must select at least one wedge to be able to operate this machine. When combined with legendary Honda power, there really is no competition for when you are ready to step up to a commercial grade log splitter.

Standard Features

Comfortable Operators Height
  • With a work platform at 36” this machine allows for all day wood splitting with no bending over
  • Combined with well positioned valve, this machine is much easier to operate than any of our competitors' machines
Self Centering Splitting Chamber
  • The unique design of our splitting chamber allows for any size block to be held center with minimal interference required from the operator
  • Large blocks are held in place by the 1/2″ steel plates of the tray
  • Small blocks are held in place by our unique central channel ensuring hands free operation when splitting rounds
  • Improves both speed and safety
  • AR400 construction with machined edges
Large Hydraulic Tank
  • 25 gallon hydraulic reservoir provides ideal fluid conditioning to keep the oil cool and froth free
  • Internal baffles to eliminate vortices
  • Large filler breather to allow for ultimate filtration of airborne contaminants with each stroke
  • Site level gauge with thermometer to monitor fluid condition and level
Large Hydraulic Tank
  • 8″ of total height adjustment
  • Enables operator to fine tune the split for higher quality product
Hydraulic Block Lift
  • Easily lift 500 lbs
  • Easily fold up for transport, no pins, simply fold over the splitting area
  • Leave it up as a convenient table to increase production
  • Easily install log lift on either side to fit your needs
Valve Cover
  • Improves operator safety
  • Protects expensive valves and hoses from damage due accidents and UV rays
  • Contains built-in pressure gauge to allow operator to monitor splitter effort
  • Easily removed for maintenance purposes

Optional Features

4-Way Wedge
  • Easily outputs 4" pieces of wood
  • Ideal for smaller diameter logs, creating boiler wood, or breaking down large blocks
  • AR400 construction with machined edges
  • Easily interchangeable without tools
6-Way Wedge
  • Produce smaller pieces with fewer strokes
  • AR400 construction with machined edges
  • Easily interchangeable; no tools required
4″ Cylinder
  • Fastest cycle times
  • Ideal for smaller diameter wood with any of our wedges
5″ Cylinder
  • Highest spitting force
  • Can split most any block with any of our wedges
Table Grate
  • 32″ Long
  • Tube construction
  • Cleans out debris prior to next processing stage