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Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment



Log splitter

Machine & Price Include Table Grate & 4-Way Wedge

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The TW-5 HD log splitter is the perfect mid-sized firewood machine to step up your game in the commercial firewood splitting world. It is capable of outputting 1.5 full cords of wood per hour. The TW-5 HD wood splitter's features - like the valve cover and hydraulic tank - are tailored for longevity, to create a cohesive commercial wood splitter that will stand the test of time and labor.

Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment TW-5 HD Log Splitter Log Lift

Loading Logs Made Easy

Loading blocks up to 500 pounds has never been easier. Simply roll a log onto the hydraulic log lift, hit the lever and your log will roll directly into the self-centering splitting chamber.

Bonus feature: the log lift can be installed on either side of this automatic wood splitter, meeting the unique demands of all types of projects.

Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment TW HD Series Log Splitter Hydraulic Wedge Lift

Dynamic Hydraulic System

The pump is arguably the most important part of any hydraulic system. With a rating of 3600 PSI and 22 GPM, this firewood machine can power through the toughest of logs.

The TW-5 HD wood splitter is fully integrated with a hydraulic log lift and a wedge lift that allows for 8" of vertical range. The 25 gallon hydraulic tank leaves plenty of room to maintain cool and filtered fluid.

  • Engine Power (HP) 16
    Pump Flow (GPM) 22
    Stroke (in) 24
    Cylinder Bore (in) 4 or 5
    Splitting Force (lbs) 37,680/58,875
    Cycle Time (sec) 8/10
    Average Output (Cord/Hr) 1.5
    Weight (lbs) 1,750
  • Standard Features

    • 4-Way Wedge constructed from AR400 steel
    • 32” long table grate constructed from heavy gauge pipe and High Steel plate steel
    • Self-centering splitting chamber constructed from two tapered 1/2" steel plates
  • Power

    • 16 HP engine
    • Two cylinder options:

     4” bore, 3” rod, 26” stroke

     5" bore, 4.5” rod, 26” stroke

    • Cycle time: 8/10 seconds
    • Splitting force: 37,680/58,875 pounds
  • Valve Cover

    • Weathering and UV rays can cause your lines to crack and break
    • The housing protects the valves, hoses & fittings
    • Extends the lifespan of your machine
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