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Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment



Log Splitter

Machine includes Table Grate & 4-Way Wedge.

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  • The TW-5 HD is the perfect mid-sized industrial log splitter to step up your game in the commercial firewood world.

  • Capable of outputting 1.5 cords per hour, the heavy-duty log splitter is powered by a 12 HP Honda engine and equipped with one of two cylinder options: a 4” cylinder for rapid cycle times or a 5" cylinder for maximum splitting force.

  • In operation, logs will be pushed through the 4-Way Wedge, split into four sections, and then fall onto the table grate while debris falls to the ground.

  • The hydraulic log lift can be installed on either side of the heavy-duty wood splitter to meet the unique demands of each project, and it will always dump logs onto the self-centering splitting chamber.

  • The self-centering splitting chamber consists of two tapered 1/2” steel plates that center logs of any size with minimal operator interference.

  • All splitting and log lift functions are controlled by the 3-spool valve comfortably located at the operator’s platform.

  • With many other heavy-duty log splitters on the market, the controls are low to the ground, making continuous operation difficult. The TW-5 HD's operator's platform is 36" off the ground, right around the operator's waist for easy operation.

  • The TW-5 HD also features a hydraulic wedge lift with 8” of vertical range, used to change the height of the wedge on the wood splitter. With this function operators can seamlessly change the wedge height to match any sized log, resulting in the same center split no matter the log.

  • The log splitter's features - like the valve cover and large hydraulic tank for cool and filtered fluid - are tailored for longevity, creating a cohesive commercial wood splitter that will withstand time and labor. These lifespan-extending features make for more time log splitting and less time dealing with log splitter maintenance.

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Hydraulic Log Lift Wood Splitter

Loading Logs Made Easy

Loading blocks up to 500 pounds has never been easier. Simply roll a log onto the hydraulic log lift, hit the lever, and your log will roll directly onto the self-centering splitting chamber.

Bonus feature: The log lift can be installed on either side of this heavy-duty wood splitter, meeting the unique demands of all types of projects.

Heavy-Duty Wood Splitter with hydraulic wedge and log lift

Dynamic Hydraulic System

The TW-5 HD heavy-duty log splitter is fully integrated with a hydraulic log lift capable of loading 500-pound logs, and a wedge lift that allows for 8" of vertical range. The 25-gallon hydraulic tank leaves plenty of room to maintain cool and filtered fluid, so you can run the firewood splitter all day long.

Best heavy-duty Log Splitter for the Price

Protect What Matters

Hydraulics power the TW-5 HD's wedge lift, log lift, and push block cylinder, so it only makes sense we protect the high-pressure hoses that route the hydraulics of the firewood machine.

Weathering and UV rays can cause hoses to crack and even break over time. The wood splitter's built-in valve cover protects the machine's valves, hoses, and fittings, extending the TW-5 HD's lifespan.

Firewood Cutting Machine for Sale

Ergonomically Designed Log Splitter

Timberwolf's HD series wood splitters feature a 36" tall operator's platform that comfortably situates itself at the operator's waist.

The log splitter with a log lift's ergonomic design is the result of years of frustration, hunched over other log splitters on the market with a sore back and not enough wood to show for it.

We made the industrial firewood splitter so operators can split firewood from sun up to sun down in a comfortable position, with a solid cord output at the end of the day.

Wood Splitter with table grate and log lift for sale

Funnel Your Firewood Onto the Next Stage

A 32" long table grate is standardly equipped to the log splitter with a hydraulic lift. The table grate is constructed from heavy gauge pipe and High Steel plate steel.

The table grate is designed to filter out scraps and act as a funnel into a firewood conveyor, or whatever the next step in your firewood processing may be.

Timberwolf TW5 for Sale with 5" hydraulic cylinder

4" Cylinder vs. 5" Cylinder

The log splitter with a 4-Way Wedge is powered by a 12 HP engine and can be equipped with a 4" or a 5" cylinder.

The 4" cylinder has a 3" rod and 26" stroke, while the 5" cylinder has a 3.5" rod and a 26" stroke.

The 4" cylinder will deliver an 8-second cycle time with 37,700 pounds of splitting force, and the 5" cylinder provides a 10-second cycle time with 58,905 pounds of splitting force.

  • Engine Power (HP) 12
    Pump Flow (GPM) 22
    Stroke (in) 26
    Cylinder Bore (in) 4 or 5
    Splitting Force (lbs) 37,700/58,905
    Cycle Time (sec) 8/10
    Average Output (Cord/Hr) 1.5
    Weight (lbs) 1,750
  • Standard Features

    • 4-Way Wedge constructed from AR400 steel
    • 32” long table grate constructed from heavy gauge pipe and High Steel plate steel
    • Self-centering splitting chamber constructed from two tapered 1/2" steel plates
  • Hydraulic System

    • Wedge lift with 8" of vertical range
    • Log lift with 500-pound loading capacity
    • 25-gallon hydraulic tank with extra room to maintain cool and filtered fluid
  • Power

    • 12 HP engine
    • Two cylinder options:

     4” bore, 3” rod, 26” stroke

     5" bore, 3.5” rod, 26” stroke

    • Cycle time: 8/10 seconds
    • Splitting force: 37,700/58,905 pounds
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