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Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment




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Grizzly Bars
Our 16’ long conveyor model, the TWC-16, is an essential addition to firewood processing jobs of any kind, whether that be around the house or on the jobsite. 
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Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment TWC-16 Firewood Conveyor Self-Aligning Tapered Rollers

Self-Aligning Tapered Rollers

Belt tracking is a constant issue with many conveyors on the market, causing breaks in production we aim to avoid with the TWC-16. Because of the wood conveyor’s tapered rollers design, the belt will pull itself back towards center if misaligned, even if the conveyor is on uneven ground.

Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment TWC-16 Firewood Conveyor Rubber Belt Fines Deflector

Rubber Belt Fines Deflector

The rubber belt fines deflector prevents debris from falling into the roller. This results in a cleaner pile of firewood at the end of the conveyor belt and a longer product lifespan.

  • Engine Power (HP) 4.9
    Travel Height (ft) 7'
    Min Height (ft) 7'9"
    Max Height (ft) 10'
    Max Angle 29
    Frame Width (ft) 1'10"
    Weight (lbs) 1,200
  • Standard Features

    • Modular hopper constructed from High Steel plate steel
    • Hydraulic lift cylinder controlled by a tandem center spool valve
    • Option of a paddle belt or rough top belt
  • Ground Skid

    • Provides additional stability by anchoring conveyor to solid ground
    • Lifts the roller off the ground, allowing more room for debris to fall
    • Results in cleaner wood, and safer operation
  • Optional Grizzly Bars

    • Separates fine material from split logs while they are being off-loaded
    • Bolt-on frame
    • 36" long

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