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Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment



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Product Description

The TWC-24 conveyor has a 20” wide rubber belt with an overall length in excess of 24’. Capable of reaching up to 13’6” into the air this conveyor is ideal for large firewood operations storing piles of seasoned wood or loading walking floor trailers.

Travel Height
6' 8"
Max Height 13' 6"
Max Angle
27 degrees
1750 lb
4.9 HP

Standard Features

Modular Hopper
  • Constructed out of 3/16” plate steel on the bottom and 1/8” on the sides
  • Can be filled directly with loader buckets
  • Bolt-on for easy changing and upgrading
  • Custom hoppers available upon request
  • Coupled with a tandem center spool valve, is adjustable between 6′ 4″ and 8’9″
  • Easily load a pickup or low profile dump body
Telescopic Axles
  • Robust axles measuring 92” wide provides a very sturdy base, even for such an unusually balanced machine
  • Allowing for excellent maneuverability in the yard or and the road between job sites
  • With hydraulic lift cylinders and telescoping arms allows for heights between 6'8" and 13'6" tall
  • Simply lock into place utilizing the 1/2” pull pins
Ground Skid
  • Provides stability with its wide-bottom surface contact
  • Lifts the roller off the ground to provide more space for debris separation
Debris Wipers
  • Equipped with two debris wipers designed to keep the rollers clean to extend belt life
  • The top wiper plows debris from the top of the conveyor off each side
  • The roller wiper scrapes the belt and the roller clean ensuring that minimal debris is left behind
Tapered Rollers
  • Designed with a distinct taper that greatly improves belt tracking
  • Pulling the belt back to center even when the conveyor is on uneven ground
Honda GC-160
  • Fuel efficient
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Easy start-up
  • 4.9 HP

Optional Features

Optional Paddle Belt
  • The cleated belt allows for optimal performance, even while operating in inclement weather
  • Our cleats are vulcanized to the belting through a combination of high pressure and heat
  • Custom manufactured for us from our neighbors in Ohio
Rough Top Belt
  • 3-ply belt, 20” wide, with a heavily textured surface to ensure the ultimate grip
  • Allows firewood to be propelled even at the 27-degree angle required to achieve full height
  • Specially formulated to resist degradation from UV rays
  • Designed to provide thousands of hours of worry-free service
Grizzly Bars
  • 36” Long Grizzly Bars and debris chute to clean fines out of firewood prior to offloading
  • Can be bolted onto any Timberwolf Conveyor manufactured from July 2017 to present