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Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment




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Belt Options
Grizzly Bars
Our second largest conveyor model, the TWC-24, can operate as high as 13’2” in the air and as low as 7’8”, with a 24’ long frame and a width of 1’10”. This conveyor will handle all your project needs.
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Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment TWC-24 Firewood Conveyor Telescopic Axle Arms

Telescopic Axle Arms

Because of the log conveyor’s size, the TWC-24 uses telescopic axle arms, which are two arms on either side of the hydraulic lift cylinder. The telescopic axle arms provide a sturdy base for the TWC-24, which dramatically reduces the risk of the conveyor tipping.

The telescopic axle arms can adjust in height along with the hydraulic lift cylinder; simply remove the hitch pins securing the telescopic axle arms to adjust the height and re-insert them once the conveyor is at your desired height.

Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment TWC-24 Firewood Processor Grizzly Bars

Optional Grizzly Bars

36” long Grizzly Bars can be added to the TWC-24 conveyor. This add-on bolts onto the end of the conveyor and cleans out fine material from your firewood while it is off-loaded.

  • Engine Power (HP) 4.9
    Travel Height (ft) 8'
    Min Height (ft) 7'8"
    Max Height (ft) 13'2"
    Max Angle 29
    Frame Width (ft) 1'10"
    Weight (lbs) 1,730
  • Standard Features

    • Tapered rollers that self-adjust for correct belt tracking
    • Ground skid that provides additional stability by anchoring to solid ground
    • Rubber belt fines deflector that prevents debris from falling into the roller
    • Hydraulic lift cylinder controlled by a tandem center spool valve
  • Belt Options

    • Paddle belt provides maximum stability for traveling logs, even in extreme weather conditions
    • Rough top belt is the cost-effective option, but will still provide years of worry-free service
    • Both belts are 20" wide
  • Ground Skid

    • Provides additional stability by anchoring conveyor to solid ground
    • Lifts the roller off the ground, allowing more room for debris to fall
    • Results in cleaner wood, and safer operation
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