How to Run a Successful Firewood Business

When it comes to running a successful firewood business, having the right equipment is crucial. With so many options available from recommended and reputable manufacturers, how do you choose the best firewood equipment for your specific needs? Let's explore some key factors to consider.

1. Determine Your Production Volume

Before investing in firewood equipment, it's essential to assess your production volume. Are you a small-scale operation or a large commercial business? Are you a homeowner who splits a few more cords than your household needs to earn some money on the side, or is firewood your main enterprise? Understanding your production needs will help you select the right equipment that can handle the workload efficiently.

Timberwolf offers a wide range of firewood processing equipment to fit the needs of almost any operation, from small businesses to larger commercial operations processing hundreds of cords per year. New entrepreneurs may want to consider a log splitter from our TW or HD splitter series, like the TW-2 or TW-5 HD, while an established operation may lean toward purchasing a larger firewood processor like Timberwolf's Pro-HD series when upgrading from their entry-level wood splitter.  

2. Consider the Type of Wood You'll Be Processing and Producing

Not all firewood equipment is created equal. Different machines are designed to handle specific types of wood, such as hardwood or softwood. Make sure to choose equipment that is suitable for the type of wood you'll be processing to ensure optimal performance. If you are handling very large raw logs, a Timberwolf TW-10 log splitter may be the first step in your firewood production to split logs into manageable quarters to feed into a wood processor. With a 74 HP diesel engine, 8" American-made hydraulic cylinder, and 150,000 lbs of splitting force, it will be difficult to find a log that this machine is unable to process.

In addition to considering your wood input, you must decide what type of firewood you wish to produce. If you are looking to sell bundles of split wood for fires, almost any log splitter will do. But if you are looking to bring your product to the next level and create even-sized pieces of boiler, cooking, or cord wood, the Alpha 6 Box Wedge firewood splitter with floating auto-retract arm will be your best investment. During operation, the splitter automatically pulls back the unsplit portion of the log back into the splitting chamber, allowing users to burn through blocks without re-handling logs or worrying about varying log sizes. And with 58,905 lbs of splitting force, the Alpha will power through any type of wood with ease.

3. Evaluate the Size of Your Operation

The size of your operation will also play a significant role in determining the right firewood equipment. For smaller businesses, compact and portable machines may be more practical, while larger operations may require heavy-duty equipment with higher production capacities. If you are looking for a portable wood splitter, consider Timberwolf's TW-2 or TW-2 HD. Though these machines have a smaller footprint than most other log splitters, they are capable of outputting 1 and 1.5 cords of firewood per hour (respectively) for a price feasible for new businesses. With wedge options, table grates, and dependable fuel-efficient engines, these splitters far out-perform other entry-level and box-store log splitters.

On the other hand, if your wood yard is very large, it can be difficult to fit all of your equipment in a way that is easy to use. We recognized this problem in our own yard, so we engineered an oscillating axle option for our wood conveyors. Available with our TWC-24 and TWC-32, the oscillating axle allows the conveyor to move side-to-side in order to move away from a pile of firewood without having to hook up with your truck or tractor. Manual and driven axle options are available for our two largest wood conveyor options.

4. Consider the Maintenance and Support Needs

Investing in firewood equipment is a long-term commitment, so it's essential to consider the maintenance and support needs of the machines you choose. Opt for equipment from reputable manufacturers that offer reliable customer support and easy access to spare parts. The decision to buy American-made machinery is a smart investment for your business; not only are you getting a high-quality product that is built to last, but you are also supporting the economy, promoting environmental responsibility, and ensuring reliable customer support. 

Timberwolf has a fully-staffed support team ready to travel to your location if you encounter any issues with your firewood equipment, in addition to our network of certified dealers stretching across North America who are ready to aid in ordering parts and capable of answering most questions regarding best practices for operation of our equipment. Visit our Service Page for more information regarding these services available to all Timberwolf customers, whether you bought your machine pre-owned or new from our shop in Marathon, NY. 

High Cord-Output Firewood Splitter 

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose the best firewood equipment for your business that meets your production requirements, processing needs, and long-term goals. Make an informed decision to ensure the success and efficiency of your firewood operation.

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