Timberwolf's HD Series Log Splitters

At Timberwolf, we pride ourselves on manufacturing overbuilt, heavy-duty machines with innovative hydraulic functions that deliver block-busting power. This is evident from our smallest log splitter, the TW-2, to the full-tree buster, the TW-10.

So, what is different about Timberwolf’s HD Series log splitters?


Comfortable Operating Height

The HD Series of log splitters consists of the TW-2 HD, TW-3 HD, and TW-5 HD. Though these machines differ in power, they all have the same heavy-duty frame with the 3-spool valve located 3’ above the ground, right around the operator’s waist.

While the placement of the controls is only a small adjustment, it makes a big difference over the course of a day. Just imagine splitting with this for 8 hours:

Photo: woodsplitterdirect.com

The three spools on HD Series splitters control the push block, log lift, and wedge lift. So, you can load 500-pound logs and split them without a sore back at the end of the day.


Oversized Hydraulic Tanks

All HD Series log splitters are constructed with a 25-gallon hydraulic tank. The tank is located below the operator’s controls.

The purpose of an oversized hydraulic tank is to provide enough room for the fluid to remain cool and filtered throughout operation, so operators can run the machine all day long without any breaks in production.


Built-In Valve Covers

HD Series log splitters are overbuilt - as are all Timberwolf wood splitters - but the HD Series’ construction features valve covers, which are unique to the HD Series.

The valve cover protects the valves, hoses, and fittings against weathering and UV rays. Over time, exposure to weathering and UV rays can cause hoses to crack and even break.

Not only are damaged high-pressure hoses dangerous, but they are also annoying as they will cause a serious delay in your operation.


Versatile Operation and Transportation

Not only are HD Series wood splitters built to last, but they are also versatile. 

The trailer hitch that comes with the TW-2 HD and TW-5 HD can be attached to the front or back of the log splitter. This is not applicable to the TW-3 HD PTO log splitter because it operates attached to a tractor via a 3-point hitch.

Also, the jack can be equipped on either side of all HD Series splitters.

To further customize the HD Series, customers may choose between a 4” or 5” cylinder. The 4” cylinder offers a quicker cycle time while the 5” drives the push block with more power to handle large logs.

All HD Series log splitters come standard with a 4-Way Wedge and may be equipped with a 2-Way or 6-Way Wedge.


Gas-Powered and PTO-Driven Options

As mentioned prior, the TW-2 HD and TW-5 HD have gas engines while the TW-3 HD is PTO-powered.

The TW-2 HD is driven by an 8.5 HP engine and the TW-5 HD by a 12 HP engine. Both engines are manufactured by Honda.

The TW-3 HD is a PTO log splitter and must be connected to a tractor with at least 32 HP in order to operate at the machine’s full capability. 


Built for Long and Continuous Operation

From the ergonomic design to the oversized hydraulic tank, HD Series log splitters are designed to allow users to comfortably operate all day long. 

Explore the links below to learn more about HD Series log splitters: 




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