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Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment



PTO Log Splitter

Machine includes Table Grate & 4-Way Wedge.

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Timberwolf is no longer producing this model. Machines are available for purchase from our Network of Certified Dealers, while inventory remains in stock: Find a Dealer

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  • The TW-3 HD uses a PTO pump for power and is designed to be hooked up to the 3-point hitch on your tractor with at least 32 HP. This allows the log splitter to use the power of the tractor's hydraulics to improve splitting power and efficiency.

  • The log splitter can be equipped with a 4” or 5” cylinder. The 4” cylinder drives 37,700 pounds of splitting force with an 8-second cycle time, and the 5” cylinder offers 58,905 pounds of splitting force with a 10-second cycle time. So, the 4” cylinder is the better choice for someone splitting smaller logs that wants a high output, while the 5” cylinder is better suited for splitting large logs.

  • Capable of splitting 1.5 cords per hour, and a full cord of wood selling for around $300, this $8,000 dollar machine can generate as much as $450 in just an hour, making it the best PTO log splitter for the money.

  • With this heavy-duty 3-point log splitter, operators won’t have to spend that hour hunched over the controls, either; standing 36” tall, the splitter’s operator’s platform comfortably situates itself at the user’s waist.

  • Plus, the TW-3 HD comes equipped with a valve cover that protects hoses and fittings from UV rays and general weathering, which increases the firewood splitter’s lifespan.

  • From the TW-3 HD’s operator height to the large hydraulic tank, this 3-point wood splitter is made for all-day operation. The 25-gallon hydraulic tank provides enough room to maintain cool and filtered fluid, which means eliminating those annoying breaks in production, waiting for the machine to cool down.

  • The 3-point wood splitter comes standard with a 4-Way Wedge and a hydraulic wedge lift with 8” of vertical range. The hydraulic wedge lift allows users to change the height of their wedge and align it to varying log sizes without having to do so manually or change out the wedge altogether.

  • A hydraulic log lift, capable of moving 500-pound blocks, also comes standard with the TW-3 HD. The log lift will drop logs into the self-centering splitting chamber, which is constructed from two tapered steel plates that guide logs into the center of the splitting chamber each time.

Available Inventory

Ready to bring home your own TW-3 HD? Machines are in stock at Timberwolf Certified Dealers across North America.
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PTO Pump Power

The TW-3 HD is the best PTO log splitter to add to your firewood processing setup or to begin a new business with. This model uses a PTO Pump for power and is designed to be hooked up to your tractor via a 3-point hitch. The wood splitter requires at least 32 HP from the tractor.

Do Less and Split More

This 3-point wood splitter was designed down to the finest detail. These details are what separate packaged firewood from scraps of timber. For example, the self-centering splitting chamber ensures that logs of any size will be perfectly positioned prior to being split. This creates a safer and more efficient user experience.

Heavyweight Hydraulics

The TW-3 HD has a pump flow of 22 GPM and a 25-gallon hydraulic tank with extra room to maintain cool and filtered fluid for consistent hydraulic functions.

The heavy-duty PTO firewood splitter's hydraulics also drive the log lift and wedge lift. The log lift can handle up to 500 pounds and dumps logs directly into the self-centering splitting chamber, so you are ready to split as soon as the log is loaded.

The wedge lift has 8" of vertical range, so operators can split every log dead center, despite varying sizes. Both the wedge and log lift are controlled via the 36" tall operator's platform.

Built-In Valve Cover

A valve cover is standardly equipped to the TW-3 HD 3-point log splitter. The valve cover protects the valves, hoses, and fittings from being exposed to weathering and UV rays, to natural elements that can cause hoses to crack and break over time.

This PTO log splitter is designed to stand the test of time, weather, and anything else thrown at the TW-3 HD.

Hydraulic 3-Point Wood Splitter with 4-way splitting wedge

Heavy Duty Table Grate

The TW-3 HD PTO log splitter comes standard with a 32" long table grate, constructed from heavy gauge pipe and High Steel plate steel.

The table grate is designed to filter out scraps and act as a funnel into a firewood conveyor, or whatever the next step in your firewood processing may be.

4" Cylinder vs. 5" Cylinder

The 3-point wood splitter can be equipped with either a 4" or 5" hydraulic cylinder.

The 4" cylinder has a 3" rod and 26" stroke, while the 5" cylinder has a 3.5" rod and 26" stroke.

The 4" cylinder provides the heavy-duty PTO splitter with an 8-second cycle time and 37,700 pounds of splitting force. The 5" cylinder drives a 10-second cycle time with 58,905 pounds of splitting force.

  • Engine Power (HP) PTO (min 32)
    Pump Flow (GPM) 22
    Stroke (in) 26
    Cylinder Bore (in) 4 or 5
    Splitting Force (lbs) 37,700/58,905
    Cycle Time (sec) 8/10
    Average Output (Cord/Hr) 1.5
    Weight (lbs) 1,750
  • Standard Features

    • 4-Way Wedge constructed from AR400 steel
    • 32” long table grate constructed from heavy gauge pipe and High Steel plate steel
    • Valve cover that protects the hoses and valves from being exposed to natural conditions
  • Hydraulic System

    • Wedge lift with 8" of vertical range
    • Log lift, 500-pound loading capacity
    • 25-gallon hydraulic tank with extra room to maintain cool and filtered fluid
  • Power

    • Two Cylinder Options:

    4” bore, 3” rod, 26” stroke

    5" bore, 3.5” rod, 26” stroke

    • 22 GPM pump flow
    • Cycle time: 8/10 seconds
    • Splitting force: 37,700/59,905 pounds
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