Timberwolf’s New Oscillating Axle Option for Conveyors

In the firewood processing world, the value of a high-performing wood elevator is often overlooked. However, Timberwolf customers often recommend buying a firewood conveyor to pair with their log splitter instead of upgrading to a processor.

This is because Timberwolf conveyors are proven to increase productivity, which increases profit. Plus, Timberwolf’s largest conveyor model starts at $10,495.95, so adding a conveyor is much cheaper than purchasing a full-frame wood processor.

Now, Timberwolf is introducing a productivity-boosting add-on for the TWC-24 and TWC-32 models: A manual or driven oscillating axle.


What Is an Oscillating Axle?

The term “oscillating axle” is often thrown around when discussing trailers and lifts, because these machines are often constructed with an oscillating axle. For these machines, an oscillating axle allows the wheels to be grounded while the machine moves across uneven terrain (Krentz, 2022).

The optional oscillating axle used on the TWC-24 and TWC-32 functions differently than those used on booms and lifts. 

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Timberwolf’s oscillating axle allows the front wheels on the conveyor to turn inward. This movement is allowed by removing a pull pin, which must be re-inserted prior to operation.

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Okay, cool, but what is the purpose of an oscillating axle on a firewood conveyor


Say Goodbye to Annoying Breaks in Production

Timberwolf’s oscillating axle allows the TWC-24 and TWC-32 to move side-to-side, with the ability to rotate in a circle. 

The advantage of this feature is that when a tall pile of wood is in front of your conveyor, you can simply move the conveyor left or right via the oscillating axle. This can be achieved manually by simply pushing the machine, or a driven option can be equipped.

With the driven option, a driven motor is equipped to each side of the axle, close to the wheel.

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These motors facilitate the movement of the wheels and are controlled by the valve tower, which is only applicable with the driven oscillating axle option.

The valve tower consists of two single-spool valves, with each controlling a driven motor.

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Pricing and Applicable Units

The oscillating axle option is only applicable to the TWC-24 and TWC-32. The TWC-12 and TWC-16 cannot be constructed with an oscillating axle. 

To add a manual oscillating axle to the TWC-24 or TWC-32 will cost $1,750. To add a driven oscillating axle will cost $2,500.

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