Alpha 5 vs. Alpha 6 - What Is the Difference?

Timberwolf’s Alpha Series log splitters are our top-of-the-line commercial firewood splitters and the only Timberwolf log splitters that can be equipped with a box wedge.

The Alpha Series consists of the Alpha 5 and 6, so what is the difference between the two commercial log splitters?


Leading the Pack

Timberwolf’s Alpha Series log splitters are noticeably different from TW and HD Series splitters.

Starting with the frame, Alpha Series splitters have dual jacks. This provides stability for these heavier models.

You will also notice that the front and back of Alpha Series log splitters are boxier than traditional I-beam frame models. The extra space is needed on the Alpha Series for, one, supporting the fuel tank, engine, hydraulic tank, and battery, and, two, providing extra space for the 40” wide Alpha Series table grate.

Both Alpha Series log splitters have a 13’6” long by 4’ high by 4’ tall frame.


Engine Power

The Alpha 5 has a 12 HP engine and the Alpha 6 has a 20 HP engine. Both engines are manufactured by Honda

Both the Alpha 5 and 6 may be equipped with a 4” or 5” bore hydraulic cylinder. With the 4” equipped, Alpha Series wood splitters will offer 37,700 pounds of splitting force, and 58,905 pounds with the 5” cylinder.

While both Alpha Series models offer the same splitting forces, they will have different cycle times. The Alpha 6 will cycle quicker (quick as 5 seconds) than the Alpha 5 because of the larger engine on the Alpha 6.

Note that an oil cooler is only equipped to the Alpha 6, not the Alpha 5. When the Alpha 6’s thermal couple reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit the fan turns on, and when the thermal couple reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit the fan turns off.


Hydraulic Features and Functions

Both the Alpha 5 and 6 come standard with a hydraulic log lift and wedge lift. 

The log lift can handle logs as heavy as 500 pounds and can be installed on either side of the machine, although it comes equipped on the operator’s side to create a simple single-man operation.

The wedge lift provides 8” of vertical range with a 2-Way, 4-Way (standard), or 6-Way Wedge attached. The wedge lift will not work on any of Timberwolf’s Box Wedges.



The Alpha 5 starts at $12,545.95 and the Alpha 6 starts at $14,545.95. The prices of the optional add-ons listed below are applicable to both models:

Note that Alpha Series log splitters come standard with a 4-Way Wedge.

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I will have to say the Alpha 6 is an incredible machine. Well worth the money.
Any ideas as to how to turn the mounds of wood pieces into cash?

Advantage yard services inc

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