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Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment



Firewood Processor

Machine & Price includes 4-Way Wedge.


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  • Starting at $49,995.95, the Pro-MP XL takes the accessible and easy-to-use Pro-MP Series and combines it with the powerful functionality of the Pro-HD Series, like an optional integrated conveyor and the ability to handle logs as wide as 24” in diameter and over 32’ in length.
  • The Pro-MP XL firewood processor is the only Pro-MP Series wood processor that can be equipped with an integrated conveyor system, which allows users to output 3 or more cords per hour.
  • The integrated conveyor uses a hydraulic lift to raise and lower the conveyor, so setting up the firewood processor with a conveyor is easy and not labor-intensive. Unlike other log processors on the market, the Pro-MP XL’s integrated conveyor folds over the center of the firewood processing machine to ensure smooth travel.
  • The Pro-MP XL mid-sized log processor can handle logs greater than 32’ in length due to its unique hourglass-shaped back roller and Timberwolf's patented driven top roll clamping system. The driven roller clamp exerts 1,000 pounds of pressure on logs moving forward, effectively handling any crooked logs. In the "float" mode, the driven roller clamp applies 300 pounds of pressure, allowing for easy adjustments for precise cuts. 
  • The firewood processor with conveyor comes standard with a 6’ by 12’ 3-strand live deck that uses driven roller chains to move logs in excess of 32’ in length onto the feed trough. For transportation, the live deck can be raised via a hydraulic lift cylinder and stored upright using the stow bar.
  • The Pro-MP XL wood processor offers commercial-grade power and speed but weighs in only at 5,500 pounds. The portable firewood processor can be towed by any half-ton truck, so you can take the Pro-MP XL to the job site. 
  • The Pro-MP XL uses a 38 HP fuel-injected Kohler engine that features an integrated oil cooler which saves on fuel consumption and prolongs the life of the engine.
  • The affordable commercial firewood processor can be equipped with a 4” or 5” hydraulic cylinder. The 4” cylinder will cycle quicker for a greater cord output while the 5” cylinder offers greater splitting fore to bust gnarly logs.
  • The Pro-MP XL’s push block cylinder receives a pump flow of 22 GPM, the saw and hydraulic wedge lift receive 18 GPM, and the auxiliary functions - like the optional conveyor - receive 2.6 GPM.
  • The commercial wood processor with a conveyor is equipped with a large 30-gallon hydraulic tank to maintain optimal oil temperature while operating for hours at a time.

You CAN Afford a Pro-MP XL!

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Process Big Logs Without Breaking the Bank

In today's market it is becoming the norm for manufacturers to charge around six figures for a commercial processor that can handle 24” diameter logs, but just because they can handle bigger logs doesn't mean it's worth the cost. 

With the Pro-MP XL commercial wood processor, you get a frame that is built to handle large logs without the hefty price tag. Additionally, the frame of the mid-sized log processor is designed to be accessible for easy and safe adjustments. 

Process Tree-Sized Logs for $50,000

The Pro-MP XL firewood processor’s back roller and driven top roll clamping system allow the wood processor to process logs in excess of 32’ in length.

The hourglass-shaped back roller with large teeth improves traction for logs being fed forward, reducing the need for operator involvement and feed trough adjustments. 

3-Stand Live Deck With Hydraulic Lift

The Pro-MP XL features a 6' long by 12’ wide 3-stand live deck with a full roller chain, idler, and driven sprockets to easily guide large logs onto the 16’ long feed trough. The mid-sized firewood processor can hold approximately 2 face cords on its live deck. 

The hydraulic lift cylinder allows for the live deck to be raised and lowered, and the stow bar makes it easy to store and transport.

Secure Long Logs for Clean Cuts

With the ability to apply 1,000 pounds of pressure on logs as they move forward, the driven top roll clamping system effectively secures the logs in place and minimizes the need for the saw to repeatedly engage with the log after the initial contact.

Additionally, the machine is equipped with an hourglass-shaped roller at the end, complete with large teeth that enhance the traction of logs as they are fed onto the feed trough. This feature eliminates the need for constant operator intervention and ensures a smooth and efficient firewood processing experience. 

3-Stage Gear Pump for Fast and Simultaneous Functions

Operators can feed and cut logs while driving the push block on the Pro-MP XL commercial log processor, thanks to the 3-stage gear pump. 22 GPM flows to the push block cylinder, 18 GPM goes to the saw and wedge lift, and 2.6 GPM flows to the auxiliary functions of the mid-sized wood processor. 

Easily Transport Your Firewood Processor

With a standard ball hitch coupler and safety chains, the Pro-MP XL is easy to move at a weight of only 5,500 pounds. When raised for travel the live deck and integrated conveyor fold over the center of the commercial log processor for smooth towing.

Wedge Height Adjustments With the Flick of a Spool

The Pro-MP XL firewood processor features a hydraulic wedge lift that allows operators to easily adjust the height of their 4-Way or 6-Way Wedge. Not only does the wedge lift make height adjustments quick and easy, but it also allows operators to move the wedge out of the way for easier access to the splitting chamber when handling logs for re-splits.

Heavy-Duty Hoses

All Timberwolf firewood machines use Continental hoses to route the flow of hydraulic functions. We use Continental hoses because of their heavy-duty rubber construction, abrasion and kink resistance, and, most importantly, their ability to withstand high pressure fluids.

Customer safety is a top priority for us, so we use the highest quality materials to ensure your safety.

  • Engine Power (HP) 38
    Pump Flow (GPM) 22-18-2.6
    Stroke (in) 26
    Trough Length (ft) 16
    Max Log Diameter (in) 24
    Max Log Length (ft) 32
    Cycle Time (sec) 5/7
    Average Output (Cord/Hr) 3
    Weight (lbs) 5,500
  • Standard Features

    • Manual autocycle
    • 30-gallon hydraulic tank
    • Patented driven top roll clamping system
    • Back roller
    • Saw: 25" cut/.404 chain
    • 4-Way Wedge
  • Power

    • Cylinder Options:

    4” bore, 3” rod, 26” stroke

    5” bore, 3.5” rod, 26” stroke

  • Hydraulics

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