The Best Firewood Processor for the Money

Oftentimes, bigger is better, and we would agree. That is why we constructed our new Pro-MP with the same frame as our Pro-HD XL.

The only difference is, the Pro-HD XL starts at $99,995 while the Pro-MP starts at $39,995.95. Yup, you can get a full-frame firewood processor for only $40,000.

At this price point, with patented Timberwolf features like the top roll clamping system and hourglass-shaped back roller, the Pro-MP is the best firewood processor on the market for the money.


Easily Portable Firewood Processor

While most - if not all - wood processors on the market are equipped with a ball hitch coupler, they are not necessarily easy to move because of their weight.

For example, Timberwolf’s Pro-HD XL weighs in at 9,200 pounds, but the Pro-MP only weighs 5,500 pounds and is easily towable with a half-ton truck. Though the two models have the same frame dimensions, the Pro-MP is equipped with only a single axle and 2-strand live deck to reduce the overall weight of the mobile processor.

This lightweight wood processor allows users to set up and process firewood across multiple locations, so you can bring the job site to the woods.


A True Timberwolf Wood Processor

While the pricing of the Pro-MP is much lower than the Pro-HD Series, the Pro-MP is equipped with all of the functions that separate Timberwolf processors from others on the market.

The Pro-MP is equipped with Timberwolf’s patented top roll clamping system. The top roll clamp applies 1,000 pounds of downward pressure on forward-moving logs. This allows the chainsaw to cut through the log easily, as well as simple back-and-forth adjustments on the feed trough.

In combination with the top roll clamping system, the Pro-MP’s hourglass-shaped back roller allows the 5,500-pound processor to feed, cut, and split logs as long as 40’ and as wide as 24” in diameter.

Though the Pro-MP’s 30-gallon hydraulic tank is smaller than the 70-gallon tank on Pro-HD Series processors, the Pro-MP’s tank is still oversized compared to the hydraulic fluid necessary, ensuring cool and filtered hydraulic fluid throughout the operation.


What is Different About the Pro-MP?

Besides the price point, the Pro-MP has a few new features not on the Pro-HD Series.

For one, the Pro-MP’s wedge lift is located beneath the splitting chamber, instead of being suspended above the splitting chamber. The portable wood processor’s hydraulics are driven by a 28 GPM Danfoss hydraulic motor that spins at 6,000 RPM.

As mentioned previously, the Pro-MP is constructed with a single axle and a 2-stand live deck. Pro-HD Series processors come standard with dual axles and a 3-strand live deck, with a 5-stand live deck being an optional add-on.

The Pro-MP’s construction lends itself to being a lightweight processor, but still with a full-frame.

Lastly, the Pro-MP uses a 25 HP Kawasaki 2-cylinder 800 cubic centimeter. The Pro-HD and Pro-HD X are equipped with a 56 HP Hatz diesel engine and the Pro-HD XL has a 74 HP Hatz diesel engine.

The Pro-MP also has the option of being equipped with a 4” or 5” cylinder, as do all Timberwolf log processors.

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