What Is a Firewood Disc Screener?

While there are many variations in different types of firewood processing equipment, most products fall under the category of a log splitter, processor, or conveyor.

If you are new to the firewood processing industry, log splitters and conveyors do exactly what you would expect, and processors combine both “processes” within a single machine.

So, what about other firewood processing equipment, like a disc screener?


What Does a Disc Screener Look Like?

Google search “Disc Screener” and you will see several different designs, shapes, and sizes. For the most part, when a disc screener is being used for firewood, it will have a rectangular screening deck made up of several rows of metal discs, with the screening deck suspended in the air by four legs.

Here is a photo of Timberwolf’s AutoFine disc screener:

Firewood Disc Screener

Notice the rows of discs that make up the screening deck. The metal discs are designed in the shape of a hexagon to improve traction on forward-moving logs so they can then be offloaded from the disc screener. 

These discs spin about rods that are driven by the disc screener’s engine. Timberwolf’s AutoFine is powered by a 4.9 HP engine that provides long run times.

Though the height of a disc screener does not make or break the quality of the product, it should be high enough for a wood conveyor to offload logs onto it. Timberwolf’s AutoFine stands just over 8’ tall.


How Does a Disc Screener Work?

A disc screener spins metal discs about several rods in order to move logs forward. Disc screeners make logs jump and move in order to separate all of the unwanted debris.

Disc screener with hex discs


The discs are spaced apart so that debris and fine materials can fall through to the ground. 


What Is the Purpose of a Disc Screener?

The purpose of a firewood disc screener is to clean logs before they are packaged and sold. A disc screener can be placed after a conveyor in a firewood processing setup, or operators may load logs onto the disc screener with loader buckets.

Because there is little difference in performance between a clean log and a log coated in debris, disc screeners are mostly used by firewood sellers that want their product to be pristine for their customers.


Clean firewood is much easier to package, plus, it looks better versus a plastic sack filled with half logs and half fine materials.

A disc screener is essential for any firewood business looking to increase the quality of their product without spending more time on the job.

Where Do I Place a Disc Screener in My Firewood Processing Setup?

Disc screeners can act as a stand-alone process or they can be placed within your setup.

Often, disc screeners are placed after a firewood conveyor and before the bed of a truck or a tote bag. In this setup, logs will fall off the end of the conveyor and onto the disc screener where the logs will be cleaned and then offloaded into a truck bed or tote bag.

This setup is the popular option for firewood professionals because it allows for the disc screener to be unmanned while still completing its part of the process.

Here is an example of Timberwolf's disc screener in action:

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