How to Split Really Big Logs

You just got a load of junk logs from your local tree service, but it looks like they brought you a full tree this time, not the logs you usually process.

Now, you can try to get the monster log onto your feed trough, but you are placing your equipment under a lot of pressure. Even if the giant log doesn’t damage your live deck, it will not be easy to process, if it even fits on the feed trough.

The solution? Timberwolf’s TW-10.


The Fastest Way to Split Large Logs

There are big logs and then there are big logs. The TW-10 can handle logs as big as 5’ wide by 12’ long - that’s a big log.

Designed to create processible fourths, the TW-10 has a 30’ long frame that is 3” thick all the way around. Additionally, the large log splitter has dual 7,000-pound axles to provide maximum stability while in operation.

The TW-10 is powered by a 74 HP Hatz diesel engine and uses an 8” cylinder with an 8’ stroke that offers 184,000 pounds of splitting force, which is plenty of force to split any log.

Here’s proof:

The TW-10 can complete a full cycle in 54 seconds and can operate all day because it is equipped with a 20-gallon fuel tank and uses 2-2.5 gallons of fuel per hour. Even though the 8” cylinder heats up 30 gallons of hydraulic fluid with a single stroke, you will never have to worry about your fluid overheating because of the TW-10’s oversized 110-gallon hydraulic tank.


TW-10 Features

The TW-10’s size sets it apart from the competition, but its remote control operation puts the monster splitter in a league of its own.

Using the remote control is very easy, as it only has four different controls: “On,” “Off,” “Out,” and “In.” Also, the remote control works anywhere within a 200’ radius of the TW-10, so operators can stay safely away from falling logs.

You would think such a large log splitter would be difficult to move from place to place, but that is not the case. The TW-10 is equipped with a ball coupler that can handle up to 20,000 pounds, which is plenty to safely tow the 13,640-pound log splitter.

Not only is it easy to transport the TW-10 across the yard, but the TW-10 can also be towed on public roads because it is complete with a full braking system.

Want to learn more about the TW-10? Watch President Matt Timmins walk through the function and features of the TW-10 —> 

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