Timberwolf’s New Hydraulic Log Lift Option for the TW-2

Timberwolf’s TW-2 has distinguished itself as a commercial-grade small log splitter in a market of box store wood splitters. 

With a heavy-duty I-beam frame, innovative Step Wedge, and optional slide-on 4-Way Wedge, the home log splitter is more than enough for a weekend project. Still, we prefer to go above and beyond.

So, we added a hydraulic log lift to the TW-2.


Even Easier Operation

In the past, a manual log lift was the only add-on for the TW-2. The manual log lift uses a lever arm to load logs and can load logs as heavy as 250 pounds.

While using a manual log lift is still easier than loading a log with your bare hands, it still requires effort, and you want a log splitter because you want to put in less effort, right?

Well, with the hydraulic log lift option, all it takes is the flick of a spool to load logs up to 300 pounds.


What Else Is New?

Without the hydraulic log lift equipped, the TW-2 uses a single-spool valve to drive the splitting ram. With the hydraulic log lift equipped, a 2-spool valve is used, one spool controlling the ram and the other controlling the log lift.

The raising and lowering of the log lift is facilitated by a 2” by 6” Chief cylinder. The cylinder extends into a rocker, which raises the block lift.


The Same Reliable Operation

Besides the additional parts necessary for the hydraulic log lift to work, the TW-2 is the same small log splitter customers have come to know and love.

The TW-2 is still powered by a Honda GX-270 engine and a 16 GPM pump, and still is equipped with a 4” cylinder to offer quick cycle times.

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