Dealer Spotlight: Reaves Timber of VA, Inc.

Over the past few years, Timberwolf has made numerous additions to our Certified Dealer Network that spans across North America.

One of our most recent additions has been Reaves Timber of VA, Inc., and they are making themselves a household name for forestry equipment in Virginia.


A History of Forestry

Though they are fairly new to being a dealer of forestry products, the owners of Reaves Timber have been working in the forest for generations.

Reaves Timber is co-owned by Roy and Donny Reaves, a father-son duo. Donny, Roy’s father, has owned and operated Donald E. Reaves, LLC, a logging company for which Donny is the sole employee, for decades.

Now, Donny’s son Ron uses the lessons in work ethic and forestry he learned from his father to expand and grow Reaves Timber of VA, Inc.


Products and Services

Reaves Timber’s primary focus is logging. They buy standing land and timber, as well as clearcut or select cut based on owner specifications.

Reaves Timber also offers excavating services, truck and equipment repairs, and firewood for pickup or delivery year-round. 

With a plethora of forestry and logging services, it only made sense for Reaves Timber to partner with Timberwolf when they jumped into the sales game.

Reaves Timber’s Timberwolf inventory is constantly changing, but you can stay up-to-date here:

Reaves Timber also offers rental services. You can rent a TW-1 log splitter for $90/day or a TWC-12 conveyor for $75/day. You can inquire about rentals from Reaves Timber of VA, Inc. here:


Reaves Timber Demo Day

In November, Reaves Timber hosted a “Firewood Demo Day,” which will now be an annual affair due to its success. Prospective customers and forestry enthusiasts came from several states to see Timberwolf equipment on display - a couple of them left with a machine!

Not only were there machines on display, but there was also live music, food, and drinks. Timberwolf will certainly be at next year’s Demo Day, whenever that may be!

If you want to learn more about Reaves Timber, you can go to their website or follow them on Facebook.

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