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Timberwolf TW-2/36 Outdoor Furnace Firewood Splitter

By Bill Gove | Reprinted from Sawmill & Woodlot, July, 2006

TW-236 Log SplitterOutdoor furnaces have the ability to burn over a long period of time using long sticks of wood. It comes as no surprise that manufacturers of wood splitters were perfectly willing to accommodate the new demand for long wood splitters, and a few have appeared on the market. One is the Timberwolf TW-2/36.

John Newton of Athol, Massachusetts, purchased a Wood Doctor outdoor furnace a few years ago and uses the furnace to heat his home, the garage, the swimming pool, and the hot water heater. He has not had a problem with smoke lingering close to the ground and annoying the neighbors, and is quite pleased with the concept of outdoor furnaces. John told me "any parts that I need for repairs are available at the local plumbing shop."

TW-2/36 SpecsJohn’s livelihood is hauling logs, so obtaining firewood logs is not a problem for him. Furnace consumption is about 14 cords per year, green or dry. The wood is fed into the furnace in 3-foot lengths, and obviously requires a splitter designed for long material. For this purpose John purchased the Timberwolf TW-2/36.

The TW-2/36 was only introduced a few months ago and is an extended version of the more familiar TW-2. It has the same Honda 9-hp motor and hydraulic cylinder; the major change is the lengthening of the frame to allow for the splitting of 36-inch-long wood. The cutting cycle is 11 seconds, which John stated was plenty fast enough for his personal use. As he split a few lengths for me, he calculated that he had already cut up 20 to 25 cords. An optional 4-way wedge and manual log lift are available for the model and John recommended both of them.

The TW-2/36 is not one of Timberwolf’s rugged commercial models. But for the homeowner with an outdoor furnace, the splitter fills a real need.

Bill Gove is retired from a forestry career with private industry and with state government as a wood utilization specialist and lives in Williamstown, Vermont. He is a regular contributor and is the author of several books on the history of railroading and logging.

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