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Base Model TW Pro-HD XL
Engine 74 HP Hatz Diesel
Pump Flow (GPM) 30-20-13
Weight (lbs) 9,200
Saw 25" Cut/.404 Chain
Top Roll Clamping
Cylinder Bore
4" or 5"
Trough Length (ft.)
Max Log Length (ft.)
Hydraulic Capacity (gal)
Deck Dimensions (ft.)
12L x 8W
Oil Cooler Standard
Cycle Time
3.0 or 4.5
4 Way Wedge
6 Way Wedge Option
8 Way Wedge Option
DOT Road Legal

Product Description

The Pro-HD- XL is our top of the line firewood processor. Capable of producing 4-5 cords per hour in a consistent, safe and reliable fashion this is truly a machine built to stand the test of time. Feed logs 32’ long up to 24” in diameter through this machine and watch it create 4, 6, 8 or 12 pieces every 2.9 – 5.5 seconds depending on the diameter.

Standard Features

Patented Top Roll Clamping System
  • Applies up to 1000 lbs of downward pressure, allowing teeth to bite into the log, advancing log forward
  • No need for a saw dog to constantly re-engage while cutting
Back Roller
  • Large toothed hourglass roller at the back of the feed trough
  • Allows for dramatically longer log processing
Large Live deck with Hydraulic Lift
  • 8' Long Live Deck
  • Allows for one full cord of wood to be processed and handled
  • with a single person operation
  • Full roller chain with idler and driven sprockets allow the deck to advance the heaviest log with ease
  • Central hydraulic motor equalizes torque on our 1.5" 1085 steel driveshaft
  • Stores vertically for road and other transport
Large Hydraulic Tank
  • 25 gallon hydraulic reservoir provides ideal fluid conditioning to keep the oil cool and froth free
  • Internal baffles to eliminate vortices
  • Large filler breather to allow for ultimate filtration of contaminates with each stroke
  • Site Level gauge with thermometer to monitor fluid condition
Continental Hoses
  • Highest quality hydraulic hoses and fittings
  • Selected for best results in high performing machinery and tough conditions
Heavy Duty Frame
  • 5 x 2 tube 1.4 wall construction main frame
  • 1” x 8” plate conduction for main splitter beam
  • 3” x 2” ¼” wall main up right tubes

Optional Features

  • Same exterior dimensions as the standard live deck, the 5 strand allows for easier handling of shorter logs
  • Allows for the gnarliest of crooked logs to feed through with minimal issues
3-stage Permco Gear Pump
  • 33 GPM fist stage to power the splitter
  • 14 GPM third stage to power the auxlicary functions such as the conveyor, live deck and feed trough
  • Cast iron construction

4″ Cylinder
  • Fastest cycle times
  • Ideal for smaller diameter wood with any of our wedges
  • Can handle large pieces with the box wedge
5″ Cylinder
  • Highest splitting force
  • Can Split most any block with any of our wedges
Regen Valve
  • When combined with our 2:1 cylinder ration the regen valve allows for rapid cycle times
Optional Integrated Conveyor
  • Easy set up
  • 12’ long, 10’10” loading height at max deployable angle
  • Electric winch with safety chain
  • 20” wide belt with paddles
  • Top drive hydraulic motor – fully reversible