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Base Model TW Pro-HD
Engine 50 HP Hatz Diesel
Pump Flow (GPM) 22-22-18
Weight (lbs) 9,200
Saw 25" Cut/.404 Chain
Top Roll Clamping
Cylinder Bore
4" or 5"
Trough Length (ft.)
Max Log Length (ft.)
Hydraulic Capacity (gal)
Deck Dimensions (ft.)
12L x 8W
Oil Cooler Standard
Cycle Time
5.9 or 9.1
4 Way Wedge
6 Way Wedge Optional
8 Way Wedge Optional
DOT Road Legal

Product Description

The Pro-HD is our entry level full frame processor. Sharing its frame with its larger brothers, this machine replaces the high speed electric over hydraulic valve system for the tried and true manual spool valve. While this does cost some time in return it provides a much lower acquisition cost as well as simple repairs.

Standard Features

Patented Top Roll Clamping System
  • Patented Top Roll Clamping System Can apply up to 1000 lbs of downwards pressure onto the log which allow its teeth to bite into the log providing increased traction for the built in hydraulic motor to assist the feed trough chain with feeding the log forward
  • This means that you do not need to utilize a saw dog which increase your processing speed as there is no need to wait for the saw dog to constantly engage and re-engage while cutting
Back Roller
  • On all Timberwolf Firewood Processors you will find a large toothed hourglass roller at the back of our feed troughs
  • This roller allows for the processing of dramatically longer logs
Large Live deck with Hydraulic Lift
  • The Timberwolf Live Deck is a full 8’ long allowing for up to one full cords of wood to be stored and handled their facilitating single person operation
  • Full roller chain with idler sprockets and driven sprockets allow the deck to move the heaviest of log with ease
  • Central hydraulic motor equalizes torque on our 1.5” 1085 steel drive shaft
  • Stores vertically for easy on road transport
Large Hydraulic Tank
  • 25 gallon hydraulic reservoir provides ideal fluid conditioning to keep the oil cool and froth free
  • Internal baffles to eliminate vortices
  • Large filler breather to allow for ultimate filtration of contaminates with each stroke
  • Site Level gauge with thermometer to monitor fluid condition
Eaton Hoses
  • Highest quality hydraulic hoses and fittings
  • 20,000 psi burst test – overbuilt for years of trouble free service
Heavy Duty Frame
  • 5 x 2 tube 1.4 wall construction main frame
  • 1” x 8” plate conduction for main splitter beam
  • 3” x 2” ¼” wall main up right tubes

Optional Features

Also allows for even more crooked logs to feed through with minimal issues
50 HP Hatz Diesel Engine Designed from the ground up ad a tier 4 final engine, this motor is unsurpassed in efficiency, quietness and reliability

3-stage Permco Gear Pump
  • 33 GPM fist stage to power the splitter
  • 14 GPM third stage to power the auxlicary functions such as the conveyor, live deck and feed trough
  • USA built; cast iron construction

4″ Cylinder  Fastest Cycle times
  Ideal for smaller diameter wood with any of our wedges
  Can handle large pieces with the box wedge

5″ Cylinder  Highest Spitting Force
  Can Split most any block with any of our wedges
  Slower Cycle Times

Regen ValveWhen combined with our 2:1 cylinder ration the regen valve allows for rapid cycle times

Optional Integrated Conveyor
  • Easy set up with integrated conveyor
  • 12’ long, 10’10” loading height at max deployable angle
  • Electric winch with safety chain
  • 20” wide belt with paddles
  • Top drive hydraulic motor – fully reversible