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Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment



Log Splitter

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This oversized splitter is designed to split trunks up to 5 feet in diameter, into quarters, so they can be fed into a wood chipper or a firewood processor.

As this machine is [HOW TOW FRIENDLY] it is best suited for on-site logging outfits that move a large volume of trees throughout the day.

This diesel beast can power through trees with little fuel usage. It is more power efficient and more productive than any other type of splitter on the market.

Monster Frame

With a 3" thick steel frame, dual 7,000 pound axels, and a 2' long cylinder, this machine is...

30 feet long

Remote Control Manual Cycle

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  • 8" Cylinder

    • Provides 75 tons of splitting force
    • 8" stroke
  • Hatz Diesel Engine

    • 74 HP
    • Capable of cycling the cylinder every 54 seconds
  • Remote Control

    • Provides the ability to operate the splitter from the comfort and safety of a cab truck