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Pro MP X in Competition - The Dark Horse

Timberwolf Pro MP X

Another Timberwolf processor trounced the competition at the Great Firewood Shootout - the Pro MP X beat out its rivals by running through its load of logs in just under 19 minutes. At the Guernsey Fairgrounds, near Cambridge, Ohio, Timberwolf owner Kevin Downes churned out the firewood easily, saying that getting the fluid efficiency of his run with the processor "doesn't really take any time, and it's not hard to learn" due to the autocycling system that allows a single operator to cut and split at the same time.

The Pro MP X is able to load crooked logs while holding them securely, due to an hourglass shaped roller and 20 tons of splitting force from the 45 HP Mitsubishi engine. This led to an impressive record time, considering that Kevin chose to go with a 6-way wedge instead of the competitions only required 4-way, because the produced firewood was of higher quality. Though it put more pressure on the machine, the Pro MPX still beat out even Timberwolf's own stated capacity by more than three times.

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