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Price: $3,000.95    
TW-1 standard
TW-1 standard Log Lift
TW-1 4-Way
TW-1 4-Way Log Lift
TW-1 Table Grate
TW-1 Table Grate Log Lift
TW-1 4-Way Table Grate
TW-1 4-Way Table Grate Log Lift

Base Model TW2
Engine Power (HP) 8.5
Pump Flow (GPM) 16
Splitting Force (ton) 19
Average Output Cord/Hr
Cycle Time (Sec) 9
Stroke (in.) 24"
Cylinder Bore (in.) 4"

Product Description

The LD series of log splitter consists of the TW-1, TW-2 and TW-3. These machines are built from scratch right here in the United States of America alongside all of our machines. The quality is evident not just in the craftsmanship that goes into our machines, but also the thick gauge I-Beam and alloy steel wedges. Whether you are buying for personal or commercial use these splitters are designed to be handed down through the generations.

Standard Features

  • Boxed ends for torsional rigidity
Innovative Step Wedge
  • 12” tall
  • 1” thick machined material
  • “Step” on the bottom allows for the wood to be cracked prior to full engagement
  • Capable of accepting our 4-Way Wedge with without tools, simply slide over
Honda GX-270

Optional Features

6_Way Wedge
  • Slides over step wedge, can produce 4” material or be flipped over to produce 6” material
  • Reduces number of cycles required to split a load
  • AR400 construction with machined edges

Table Grate
  • Slides into the end of the I-Beam for ease of use
  • Provides a catch pan for oversized pieces needing to be re-split
  • Clears out debris when splitting into a truck or a conveyor
Manual Log Lift
  • Capable of lifting up to 250 lbs.
  • Lifts large blocks into the splitting chamber with less effort


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