Wood Cleaner



Power Pack

Price: $9,495.95    
Autofine no engine

The AutoFine removes unwanted fines from firewood by filtering out dirt, scrap, and loose bark. It couples nicely with a variety of vehicles and firewood processing equipment.

Base Model AutoFine
Weight Approx. 1,690 lbs
Dimensions 4 feet x 10 feet
Pump Flow 2.7 GPM

Standard Features

Block Wedge

  • Straight from the conveyor, post processing or with a bucket for post drying/pre-delivery screening
  • The simple design filters out dirt, debris, and loose bark, keeping your yard and driveway free from debris
Block Wedge

  • Made from 3/16" steel
  • Arranged in 8 rows about a rod, spinning & shaking the fines and kindling off firewood
  • Disc spacing allows bark & debris to fall through easliy
Honda GX-160

  • Unit can be moved independently of the AutoFine
  • Keep the hydraulics & electrical components a safe distance from your work zone
  • Fuel efficient
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Easy start-up
  • 4.9 HP

Optional Features

Block Wedge

  • Allowing for easier pour of unseparated firewood and fines
  • Sloped slides allow for a wide mouth when feeding from the backside with a bucket or conveyor
  • Bolt on option makes for an simple add-on
Block Wedge

  • Cost-saving option of a conveyor with no engine
  • Built-in auxiliary port to connect to any processor on the market

  • Slows the descent of wood off the screen deck to feed into a conveyor
  • Offers final post screen deck separation