Timberwolf Made: 5" Cylinder | Saw

5in cylinderWe design, build, and test each component that makes up a Timberwolf machine. See how our 5" cylinders are constructed at our facility in Syracuse, NY, starting from American-made steel.

steel rods

steel rods

Our cylinders start out as round steel rods. Each rod is individually cut to length using one of our two Hydmech S-20A saws.

hydmech s-20a 1993

hydmech s-20a 2019

Our 2019 model is capable of processing 5,000 lbs of steel per day with its automatic 1" blade band saw and 7 HP motor.

cylinder waiting to be cut

After the cylinders are processed through the saw, burrs are removed, and the cylinders are ready for their next step: Machining. 

cylinders ready for their next destination


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